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Our Treatments


Scoliosis is the bending of the spine to the right or left direction, which occurs in the chest and lower back regions of the body. In a normal anatomy of a human body, the spine is straight. However, in scoliosis, the spine curves to the right or left, causing patients to have physical deformities.


It should be known that there is an appropriate treatment for kyphosis, also known as hunchback, regardless of the degree of curvature, to correct the existing curvature. The angle of the hump is very important in determining the kyphosis treatment methods.


The spine, also known as the columna vertebralis, is composed of bones called vertebrae that provide a sturdy support for the weight of the organs in the head, torso, chest, and abdominal cavities.


Surgery for spinal curvature is the last resort for treating spinal cord conditions. Due to the vital position of the area that needs to be intervened in case of complaints of spinal cord curvature, surgical intervention is avoided.